Websites for Gear

Here is a list of great websites that I recommend for getting gear, both in quantity and quality. I rate the different websites on a 5 point scale. I am a pretty harsh judge so anything over 3 is pretty darn good. I look at price, quality of gear, customer service, and delivery time. I will not recommend a website unless I have bought something from them, or know personally someone that has.
This website is great for clothing. They a huge selection and their price is pretty good too. I rate it 3 out of 5.
Another great website for both clothing and gear. The gear is high quality but it comes at a price. I like this website because it tends to have things other websites don’t like MARPAT gear. 3 out of 5

LA Police Gear is in my top ten places for gear. They have the top quality brands like Blackhawk or Maxpedition, but the best thing about LA Police is that they have the best prices I have seen. Some of their gear is expensive but they have sales often, and are really great sales. Highly Recommended; 4 out of 5
Cabela’s is my favorite large supplier. Because of their size their price tends to be a little high, however at the same token their variety in the gear that you can get is unrivaled. 3 out of 5
US Cavalry is another great website. They don’t have a good price quality ratio, but they are great with mid-range place to get gear. 3 out of 5 is a great place to get ammo. Though in current market conditions ammo is expensive. Ammo for Sale delivers ammo for people, when you cannot find it. Most ammo can not be found in the stores, but these guys have ammo and sell it at not too bad of a price. Best of all they do not list what they do not have, so when you order you will get your ammo.


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