Mountain House: Meals Anytime, Anywhere!

Mountain House food supplies have been on the market since about 1970. The idea of freeze drying food has been in the American imagination ever since the dawn of the Space Race when it was thought of as Astronaut food. NASA uses freeze dried food because of its light weight, however Mountain House had the brilliance of taking the light weight food that Astronauts have used for so many years and beginning to sell it to hikers and backpackers.
The ability of an outdoor enthusiast to save weight in any capacity is an absolute necessity, thanks to Mountain House Foods, you can now have light weight food and carry a great deal more food because of the light weight.

Now it does not matter how light weight food is if it tastes bad. Napoleon Bonaparte once said that an army marches on its stomach. This is probably the single most important statement in history. If you can’t stand the taste of the food, you will not eat it. This is what I call the “rule of taste”.

Luckily my friends over at Mountain House Foods have thought about this for us. I ordered 12 entrees from Mountain House just to see how well they have stuck to the “rule of taste”.

First let me explain my reasoning for my choices and my grading scale. I tried to choose the best 12 that would allow me to taste all of the different flavors in their food line without having to try every single one, which honestly would take around a month to do properly. Therefore I did my best to choose specific ones that I believe would probably cover the most ground.
Now in order to grade each dish I came up with a series of grades scaled 0 through 10 that measured 5 qualities, (1) Taste, (2) Nutrition, (3) Texture, (4) Ease of Preparation, and (5) Looks.

Each quality is designed to give you an idea of what the food is like on an actual “op”. Taste, should be pretty self explanatory, does it taste good. Nutrition, Is the food good for your body. Texture, is the food easy to eat. Ease of preparation, is it easy to prepare and how long does it take. Look, because food needs to look good, how does Mountain House’s food look.
Pretty simple right.

The 12 Samples

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
(1) Taste Score – 8
(2) Nutrition – 7
(3) Texture – 4.5
(4) Ease of Prep – 8
(5) Looks – 7
Over All – 6.9 Good

The bane of anyone who has eaten MREs are the breakfast MRE. They taste terrible and make you feel sluggish. Honestly I was a bit hesitant to try the Scrambled Eggs with Bacon however I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. My hat goes off to Mountain House for this one, anyone who can give freeze dried eggs flavor is a hero in my book.

Pasta Primevera
(1) Taste Score – 8
(2) Nutrition – 6
(3) Texture – 6
(4) Ease of Prep – 8
(5) Looks – 8
Over ALL- 7.2 Great

Pasta Primevera is one of my favorite dishes to eat so Mountain House had quite a hill to climb for me. Luckily they were up to the challenge and even exceeded my expectations. Their Pasta Primevera is quite tasty.

Potatoes with Cheddar and Broccoli
(1) Taste Score – 7
(2) Nutrition – 6
(3) Texture – 9
(4) Ease of Prep – 9
(5) Looks – 9
Over All – 8 Great

Potatoes with Cheddar and Broccoli is a great dish from Mountain House. It is simple, tasty, and probably the easiest to make. The fact is that this dish is ten times easier to prepare because it hydrates so easily. I love this dish and it has definitely earned its overall score of 8.

Lasagna with Meat Sauce
(1) Taste – 7
(2) Nutrition – 5.5
(3) Texture – 7
(4) Ease of Prep – 4
(5) Looks – 6.5
Over All – 6 Pretty Good

Lasagna is again one of my favorite things to eat. This one tasted pretty good, unfortunatly it took just little bit of work to make this one work. The taste was great, it looked pretty good, and the texture of the food was good too, however it took me a good little while to get this one to hydrate properly which is why it got a pretty low score on the ease of prep score. All in all it was great dish.

Granola with Milk and Blueberries
(1) Taste –
(2) Nutrition –
(3) Texture –
(4) Ease of Prep –
(5) Looks –
Over All –

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
(1) Taste – 8
(2) Nutrition – 5
(3) Texture – 7
(4) Ease of Prep – 5
(5) Looks – 9
Over All – 6.8 Great

Chicken Teriyaki is great dish to try. It is one of those dishes where you have a specific idea for the taste of the dish. Luckily Mountain House Foods did their homework and kept this flavor in mind for their Chicken Teriyaki. Now this dish is great for high adventures. Its flavor is great and it definitely has great texture.

Chilimac with Beef
(1) Taste – 6
(2) Nutrition – 6
(3) Texture – 5
(4) Ease of Prep – 7
(5) Looks – 5
Over All – 5.8

Chilimac with Beef, was not my favorite among the group. It had a good taste, and it had a pretty good texture, but if I had to choose between Chillimac with Beef and something else I would probably go the other route. This meal is decent but it was not my favorite.

Chicken A La King
(1) Taste – 8
(2) Nutrition – 6
(3) Texture – 8
(4) Ease of Prep – 8
(5) Looks – 7
Over All – 7.4

Chicken a la King is again one of my favorites. It is one of those dishes I like to have it on hand on longer trips because when I get to the end of the trip and I am tired and want to relax a little Chicken a la King from Mountain House is definitely one of my top 5.

Chicken Alfredo
(1) Taste – 9
(2) Nutrition – 9
(3) Texture – 9
(4) Ease of Prep – 9
(5) Looks – 9
Over All – 9

Chicken Alfredo is my number 1 meal from Mountain House. The creamy texture with chicken pieces and noodles I love this one. I usually carry this one in bulk when I am hiking. The taste of Chicken Alfredo is so good that I highly recommend that you try it.

Beef Straganoff with Noodles
(1) Taste – 8
(2) Nutrition – 6
(3) Texture – 8
(4) Ease of Prep – 6
(5) Looks – 8
Over All – 7.2

Beef Straganoff is another great dish from Mountain House. This particular dish is a hit or miss for some folks. The creamy texture of this one is why I love it. Now it is recommended that you let it set up to 10 minuets, I recommend around 15 because in the ten minuets I let it set the water had not quite gotten to everything. Just a few more minuets and a little bit more water and it was perfect.

Beef Stew
(1) Taste – 9
(2) Nutrition – 7
(3) Texture – 8
(4) Ease of Prep – 9
(5) Looks – 9
Over All – 8.4

Beef Stew is always a favorite of mine. This dish is one of the few dishes in the world that you can actually take the small bag of stew and create a pot of stew. Even though Mountain House Beef Stew says you can only feed one with it, the truth is you can spread it out to four. That is why beef stew is so amazing. A small bag can feed four with enough water. My hat goes off to Mountain House for this one.

Chicken and White Bean Chili
(1) Taste – 9
(2) Nutrition – 8
(3) Texture – 7
(4) Ease of Prep – 8
(5) Looks – 7
Over All – 7.8

Chicken and White Bean Chili is another great dish from Mountain House. Like the Beef Stew Chicken and White Bean Chili can be spread out a little bit. With a little extra water you can have a good meal for two, and a little more water you can create a decent meal for four.

Over All Assessment of Mountain House Foods
Mountain House Foods has really done their homework when it comes to food. They have created a great assortment in flavors and variety. The truth is whenever you freeze dry anything you will lose some flavor and some nutrition, but Mountain House has taken the extra steps to ensure that the food you buy from them not only has a great taste but also has the most nutrition in the meal that you get.

Mountain House
Gets the Survive-Prepare “Seal of Approval”

6336202-approved-wax-seal mountain_house_freeze_dried_chicken_alfredo_2_serving_entree_1292687_1_og

As always folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out


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