Wild Onions: The Food Saver

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Wild Onions have been a staple of the human diet for hundreds of  thousands of years. Onions are great for seasoning meat, they are high in vitamin C, B, Folic Acid, and are high in fiber.  They are relatively low in calorie content but high in vitamins and even more importantly their flavor helps season wild food.

This is truly the greatest advantage of wild onions. Most wild game has a strong flavor. The reason for this is because of the types of food that each animal eats. Whether it is fish that are bottom feeders, or whether it is a deer in winter which has been living off acorns and roots because of the lean season, the animal tends to have a strong flavor and is tough. Luckily wild onions have the ability to help cut these flavors. The folic acid in the onions help tenderize meat, and the natural flavors of the onion help to add flavor to your dish.


Not Wild Onions

Wild onions are grown all over the United States. They are predominately found in woodland areas and grass lands. Most Native American tribes used this food extensively. However in the last 65 years or so, wild onions have been given a bad name because they have been thought to be poisonous to eat. This however is only a rumor. This rumor began when cattle ranchers saw their cattle fall sick from eating a plant called “Death Camas”. Death Camas looks ver similar to Wild Onions. Death Camas however is not edible, it is extremely poisonous.


Wild Onions

Luckily there is a very easy way to tell if you have Wild Onions or Death Camas, simply smell the plant. If it smells like onions then it is. If it does not smell like onions then it is Death Camas. It is simple as that.

Now most importantly the onion recipes:

Chactaw Breakfast:
2 Eggs + 2 dozen or so Chopped Onions + desired Spices = breakfast

Deer with Onion Broth:
Chopped Deer Meat + a dozen or so onions + cup of water = a wonderful meal

Those are just two different ideas for recipes. There are thousands of possibilities. The best thing to remember is that wild onions are simply smaller versions of the ones you buy in stores.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out


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  1. Onions is one of the best food seasoning when you cook..The post really an informative article.Some of it gives a lot of idea to all who love cooking..I will give a 100x thank you for this blog..

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