Bug In Bag: Getting to Your Supplies

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If disasters happened when we most expect it then everyone will be prepared. Unfortunately disaster can strike anywhere any time. Luckily in today’s world we know when disasters are usually going to happen thanks to the news media. Unfortunately even though we can know that a looming disaster is on the way, we still have to go to work, we still have to go get the kids from school, and we still have to get out to get supplies. So if we have to get out and do things, then how can we always be prepared?

A Bug In Bag is the perfect solution. A Bug In Bag is nothing more than a group of supplies that will help you get from point A to point B. Most car manufactures a trying to develop these things however they just do not want to develop one that will be sufficient to help you.

A good Bug In Bag contains 1 day of food (usually something like an MRE), Rope (usually about 100 feet), a good blade, a gas container (if it is for your vehicle), a first aid kit, fire starter kit, water (at least 2 quarts), a metal canteen cup, water purification pills, and most importantly a backpack.

The Bug In Bag, is designed to get you from where you are to your home to your supplies. The way it helps you  accomplishes this task is by giving you the tools to traverse the terrain. Some times in disaster situations the roads are not travel ready. Whether it is from downed trees from storms or even raised roads from earthquakes, the Bug In Bag just gives you the ability to work towards getting to your supplies.

Most importantly the Bug In Bag, gives you a minimal amount of supplies no matter the situation. By having a small kit with you no matter where you are it allows you to have supplies that will give you the ability to survive and gather supplies, if you can’t get to your cache of equipment.

I highly recommend creating a Bug In Bag for your vehicle. Not only if you are traveling but also just to have on hand for those times when things get rough.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive. -Todd Out

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