Survival Hygiene #2

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Hygiene is important. In the back country where the basic toiletries of life are not readily available you have be a little sly in order to make it through. From making soap to creating floss from natural fiber to even trimming your finger nails and toe nails. Having some basic methods of keeping yourself clean can not only be a big boost in morale it can also boost your overall health which will help save your life in tough situations.

Using Mud as Soap
The biggest reason to keep yourself clean is to boost your health but how do you keep yourself clean in a short run is easier than you might believe. First lets talk about creating soap. It is not always effective to create lye soap in survival situations, especially in the short term. So creating soap can be difficult, unless you use a plentiful source. Dirt and rocks is an amazing cleaning source. In order to use this plentiful source of cleaning supplies you simply need to place some soupy mud with some ground up rocks in a pot to boil. Then take the mud and scrub your skin. This will completely remove dirt and grim from your body leaving you nice and clean.

It is important to boil the mud rock mixture before you clean yourself in order to kill any bacteria in the mud. Also the mud should have a great deal of water to it. You want the mud to be watery so it will boil easily and so you can use it easily.

Creating Floss from Fibers
Floss can be a useful tool to have when you are trying to live in inhospitable areas. However even if you have floss on hand eventually it will run out. Luckily Mother Nature provides what we need. Many plants are fibrous in their construction. Any non fibrous stringy plants, such as Aloe Vera, can be used. Simply pull a small strand of this fibrous plant and you have string. This is great for floss, string to make rope, string for sutures, and even cooking.
Once you have found your piece of fibrous plant you can use for floss, make sure that you roll the fibrous material in order to keep it from cutting yourself. It is possible to cut yourself with small string, especially with natural fibers.

Cutting Your Fingernails
Fingernails are a part of the body that people usually forget. Fingernails are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Without realizing everyday people eat, drink, scratch, and do all sorts of things with their hands. Even when you are clean, your hands are still constantly coming in contact with surfaces riddled with bacteria and germs. This is why it is important to keep your fingernails trimmed especially in the back country.
In order to trim your fingernails you simply need a rough small rock. A rock can be used to file your fingernails down to a safe level. It is important to keep your nails trimmed because dirt and bacteria can collect under your finger nails even though you wash your hands. Keeping your fingernails trimmed simply limits the area where bacteria and germs can cultivate and grow, thus helping your chances of not getting sick.

Keeping you body clean is the most important part of survival. Having the ability to keep clean not only boost your health but your also boost your morale and attitude as well. Something as simple as that can be the biggest reason why you walk out alive of a situation.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out

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