Using a Tablet

Tablets are wonderful little pieces of technology. They have the ability to be a library of important knowledge for the back country person. Whether it is carrying a library of videos, books, or both, a tablet is a must have for the person trying to live off of the land. Not only can they provide you with every piece of knowledge you could ever need, but in those times where you can’t move too much it can also give you just a little bit of entertainment as well.

Using a tablet to keep books and videos on hand is a perfect relationship for back packer, hiker, adventurist, survivalist, and etc. Having the ability to have on hand knowledge for identification of plants, animals and their tracks, first aid, and whatever subject you need to recall for the task at hand is an amazing advancement for today’s adventurer/explorer and everyone else of course.

Now in order to decide what type of tablet to have on hand depends heavily on the user. Ipads, Nooks, E-Readers, Windows Tablets, or any other kind works well, but you should stick with the one that you feel most comfortable with. I recommend staying within the 7 inch screen margin just for weight sake. Remember when choosing gear to take with you while you are on the move, ounces equals pounds and pounds equals pain.

Unfortunately electronics run out of battery power. Luckily we a have several sources of power all around us at all the time. If you choose to take a tablet with you where ever you go, you are going to need a few accessories. *Note that this is another reason why getting a slightly smaller tablet is a good idea* Now the sun is your best friend. Not only does our magnificent sun provide us with warmth and light but it can also power our stuff. Using solar power to recharge your electronics, and even batteries. You can slide the charger on to the back of your pack and walk as it charges your electronics. Or if you don’t want to risk it breaking you can always set it out once you have stopped to make camp for the day and let it charge. A perfect little accessory to add to your tablet of knowledge. You can view and buy one here.


Using a tablet to keep knowledge on hand about your area can save your life in the times where you might not be too sure. It can give you a little extra confidence when having to perform self first aid if you have medical knowledge at your finger tips. Of course if you have access to’s information you will be perfectly fine.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out


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