Unlikely Food Sources: Creepy Crawlies #2

Creepy Crawlies tend to be the food source a lot of people want to avoid. Even though that critters like spiders, bugs, scorpions, grub worms, sea slugs, and the other nasty things you would never want to eat, tend to be better for you nutrition wise. In those situations where you end up in a bad environment because food is not readily available, there is usually still food available it just depends on whether or not you are prepared to eat a roach.

Last time we discussed how you can tell if a crawler is edible or not. This time we will look at a few critters you may or may not have thought about or even have eaten before.

The first critter on our list is a more familiar one to most people, the freshwater muscle. The freshwater muscle is a relative to the salt water clam. The taste is not a family trait I’m afraid. The fresh water muscle has a grittier taste. However it is easier to harvest seeing how it is found in most fresh water sources throughout the world great numbers. In order to cook the fresh water muscle, you can boil them, grill them, or you can bed cook them with your fire. The dirty taste can be dealt with very easily. When cooking the muscles simply add some wild onions, pine needles, or tubular roots from cat tails and the taste will improve vastly.

Our next critter is another fresh water creature, the Crawfish or also called the Cray-fish. A Crawfish is similar to a shrimp. The Crawfish is bigger, but they both are great sources of food. Luckily though catching Crawfish is much easier than catching Shrimp. Crawfish live in streams under rocks. In order to catch them you simply need a stream and something to hold your Crawfish. Simply flip some rocks and catch the Crawfish, becareful because they do have pinchers. Crawfish can be cooked by grilling, boiling, or baking. They are a great food source to take advantage of when you are out in the wild or even when you just want a good meal at home.
Live Crawfish

Another critter that is a great food source is the Sea Cucumber. The Sea Cucumber is not a vegetable it is a living creature. It is simply a slug. It looks like a Cucumber but is does not taste like one. Most people have seen these critters being eaten on many Discovery Channel survival shows. They are found in the sea and after being cut open the inner layers of the Sea Cucumber can be eaten. The inner flesh is a red stringy gooey mess that is salty to the taste. Many people find the Sea Cucumber tasty however putting the slimy bright red inner parts into their mouths tend to be too much for many. The Sea Cucumber can be eaten raw or cooked. It is advised to eat some of the Sea Cucumber raw and then return the creature to the sea. The Sea Cucumber will heal and begin to grow again, which means you will have more to eat later.

Our final critter is my favorite the Grub Worm. The Grub Worm can be found all over the world. It is the larvae stage for beetles. Grub worms are white with red heads. The head of the Grub Worm needs to be removed before you eat it. These tasty little critters can either be eaten raw or cooked in a frying pan. I prefer to cook them before I eat them but you can eat them raw. Depending on the species of the Beetle depends on the taste of the Grub Worm. I have learned over the years that the larger the species of Grub Worm and the more it lives in trees the more buttery the taste of the creature it is. It is odd to hear but these things do have a butter flavor to them. When fried in a fire they get a crunchy buttery flavor and are quite nice.

Like always folks I do not recommend that you just go out and grab some critters and start eating. Always make sure to do your homework and make sure you first will not have an allergic reaction to it and secondly make sure that there are no species of critter in your area that might kill you if you eat it.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out


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