Magnesium Sticks for Fire

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It doesn’t matter how hard you try, sometimes rubbing two sticks together like the ancients is just not going to create a fire. It could be because of rain, humidity, the wood is not strong enough, or even just because you do not have the energy to do it. Most situations where you are going to end up creating a fire from nothing is already bad enough, but having to rub sticks together to create a fire is not only time consuming but it takes so much energy. IF, and that is a big IF, you get a fire from two sticks going then of course you will have an easier time during your ordeal, however wouldn’t it be nice if you could just carry something around that would give you an edge when you needed fire? something that never spoils, or evaporates? Well my friends such a thing does exist, The Magnesium Stick.
A Magnesium Stick is a must have for the survivalist. It is a beacon of light in the worst situations of life because it gives you the opportunity to create a fire no matter what climate you are in. To the Arctic Circle or to the Jungles of the Amazon, a magnesium stick is great to have on hand.
Most magnesium sticks have three parts, a bar of magnesium, a flint striker, and a metal striker. These three things added together create the perfect fire creating system.
To begin you simply shave the magnesium bar down creating small flakes of magnesium. Then you take the flint and position it over the magnesium flakes. Then you hit the flint striker against the flint sending a spark onto the magnesium and presto you have ignition.

Now it will only start a fire, but it is great because the magnesium burns at about 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot enough to catch anything on fire. Most importantly hot enough to dry out small twigs enough to burn.
Magnesium sticks are not expensive 3$ to 15$ depending on the size. The smaller ones can fit in your pocket or even be used as a key chain. Most of them come on a chain so you can just hook it to your pack and go. You can grab one at the general store if you do not have one. I highly recommend one of these things no matter where you go.
Who would have thought that a simple magnesium stick can be so valuable.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive
-Todd Out.

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One response to “Magnesium Sticks for Fire

  1. Hey Todd, nice article! I like these little pieces of kit that is easy to carry with you or even keep in your car…but that could potentially make a huge difference in a survival situation.

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