Getting Water from Raisins


One of my favorite snacks just to carry around is raisins. They are a tasty easy to carry an easy to store snack. Raisins are nothing more than just dried grapes. They cheap at the store and come in great quantities. Raisins are great.

Recently I learned of a brand new way to utilize raisins. Because raisins are a fruit, raisins have the ability to perform reverse osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water across a membrane. Because raisins are dehydrated grapes they have already performed osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is putting the water back into the grape. This method of getting water is great for when you are around an ocean and have no freshwater to drink.

When placed in a container of salt water, the raisin will allow the water to cross the skin of the raisin, but keep the salt out of the raisin.

In order to properly perform this method of water gathering, you will first need some raisins. The more raisins you have the better. Place your raisins in a container of salt water. The more water you can add to the raisins the better. Once the raisins are in place in a container of saltwater,  let them sit for at least 2 hours. Preferably all day. A good rule of thumb is that once the water is a deep purple you are good to go.


Once the raisins have swollen with water, you can eat the raisins and enjoy the fresh water. This method only works with dried fruit, and more importantly it cannot be accomplished with sliced fruit. The skin of the raisin is what keeps the salt out of the fruit. This is important because if you get too much salt in your body in a survival situations. Too much salt will kill you.

Luckily the raisins skin make for a perfect membrane for the water to cross and keep the salt out.  A simple easy way to have fresh water from a simple snack.

As Always Folks; Prepare and Survive -Todd Out

Try this weird trick to eat well anytime.


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