The General Store


Hey Folks, Todd here I have recently opened up a new part of the site, the General Store. I have decided to help everyone out and do the hard work finding the best deals out there for the best gear to help you in your outdoor adventures and survival needs. The general store will be a place where you can find the gear (that I recommend) and the instruments you need, want, and would like to have in order to prepare and be strong. It is going to take me a few months to get it fully operational but I already want to open it up for folks. I am going to start with the most essential gear and move into the most specialized. If all goes well the entire store should be up and fully stocked by April 1st.

I will say that if you find the gear you like on my site and you choose to buy it does help me out. I am an affiliate with Amazon so I try to find the best deals to bring to you. There will be some links that I put in posts that are not amazon links where I may or may not be affiliated, but everything in the store is an affiliated product. I am hoping to cover all the needs of the survivalist.

Also folks I am interested in seeing if anyone out there would be interested in joining online survival coaching lessons where I would personally instruct you on methods of survival. This would be great if you are in Scouts, going on a trip, going hiking, or just want to know how you can prep your home for disasters. If you are interested please send me a message through the Contact US.

As always folks Prepare and Survive.  -Todd Out


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