Having Goods for Bartering

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The long lost art of bartering has left our society. Today’s economy is a price fixed environment, you pay what the company says it is worth not what an item is actually worth. Selling uses to be a career where you had to work hard to make a sell, in today’s fast paced consumer world, a sells man just simply allows you to pay what he wants you to pay now. In olden times, merchants didn’t just take money for goods or services. Most merchants used to take items as trade. Most merchants would barter for what they needed for a what they had plenty of. This concept may sound a little barbaric to most modern merchants or business people, however it was a very common practice about 60 years ago. Barely 2 generations ago people would barter with merchants or each other for goods and services. It is uncommon to find bartering in today’s world however there are a few places you can still barter. A few examples are, the local farmers market and Craigslist.

In order to barter effectively you need to have a surplus of supplies. Whether it is a surplus of food and water or it is a surplus of fuel, you are going to need something that someone else is going to need. Food, water, and fuel are the big three. Of course it is important to know how to get these supplies. That is why there are so many skills needed for life.

The Key to Bartering The key to bartering is to have a certain amount of goods available. If a person is asking for 3 cans of food it is best not to tell that person that you have 30 cans in reserve. By not allowing people access to your complete stock it allows for the value of your supplies to be increased. To some this might seem dishonest, however understand that people can sometimes be very dishonest and if they know how much you have they might be encouraged to take it.

I am not saying horde supplies why people around you that you know and love are dying. Barter with them and help them. If you can help someone then do so. Of course if you have knowledge of how to gain surplus, teach people so that they can build as well.


The key of bartering is not just keeping supplies out of sight, it is also knowing what you need and what it is worth. If you need milk, and your neighbor needs vegetables, you can barter for the same amount of food for milk.

The basic idea is to get the same amount in return for what you need. The more surplus you have the better chances you have at bartering successfully for what you need. Of course remember that the more types of goods you can offer the better chances you have at bartering.


Remember that the skills of bartering are important to have. Even in the modern times of “money or no service” attitude you can try your hand at bartering at farmers markets, Craigslist, even some small hand made markets barter.

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