The Judge

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If you are looking for a gun that is great for not only personal defense but great for dealing with creatures like snakes, then the Taurus revolver “The Judge” is perfect for you. The Judge has a unique feature that other hand guns do not have, the Judge has the ability to shoot the 3 inch 410 gauge shot shell, or the 45 Long Colt Round. Both devastating rounds give you an edge when you need it most.

The Judge, is a five shot revolver that was designed and produced by Taurus International. Chamber for the .410 shotgun shell, and the .45 Colt, the Judge was designed to be a game changer in the revolver world. It got its name from the Taurus Executive Vice president Bob Morrison, when he investigated into the idea that judges in Miami were buying the firearm for personal protection. He later changed the name of the firearm to the “Judge”.


Even though the judge was designed to shoot the shot shell, it is not considered a short barreled shotgun under the National Firearms Act, because it has a rifled barrel. However Taurus had to experiment to get the rifling in the barrel right. If the grooves were too deep then the .410 shot shell would not spread, however if the grooves were too shallow the .45 Colt will not be stable in flight. Taurus had to find the sweet spot between shallow, and deep grooves in the rifling.

The Judge comes in both 2.3″ Judge and the 3″ Judge Magnum. The 3″ Judge Magnum adds an extra ammo to the Judge’s arsenal, the .454 Casull. Which allowed the Judge to become an even more devastating firearm.


In my personal opinion this is the perfect anti-snake tool.

Typical MSRP for these pistols start at: 600$ but you can pick them up at most sporting good stores for around 450$

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive 
-Todd Out
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