How to Make Stone Tools


For thousands of years man has created tools. From the ancient hammering stone, to the modern reciprocating saw, man has sought to create new tools in order to make building easy and fast. For survivalist, knowing the process of how man made tools can be a life and time saver. In the wilderness when you have to build a home and you have no tools to make your job easier, the best thing to do is to build your own tools.

The easiest and strongest method for developing tools is by making stone tools. Whether you need to make a shearing knife, a hammer, or even an ax, making stone tools is far simpler than most people would imagine. Making tools simply requires patience and time. Some knowledge is required in order to make proper tools that will last and make your life easier. Luckily making stone tools is quite simple.


Bladed Tools

First off in order to make stone tools we need to decide what kind of tool we want to build. Whether it it a shearing tool or a hammer we start with the stone. Shale rock and flint rock is perfect for making shearing tools, spear points, knife blades, or arrow heads. In order to make this tool simply find a piece of shale or flint rock and flake off a piece of stone. This is called Flint Knapping.  The basic idea is simple, to break off a piece of stone that is easier to shape and work with.


Once you have a piece of stone it is now time to shape the stone into a sharp blade. This is accomplished by taking either a a piece a bone or hard stone in order to flake off small pieces of the edges in order to create a shape into a blade, spear head, or arrow head. This process is none as Knapping.


In order to attach the stone to a wooden pole you would lash the stone to it this is known as Hafting. In order to get a very tight secure lashing, you can use paracord or any form of string. If you don’t have anything like paracord, but you do have some leather you can use strips of leather to secure it to the stick.

Ancient cultures would use leather and sinue to attach stone points to poles by wetting the leather or sinue and tying it to the pole. Then they would fire dry the leather or sinue so that it would shrink and tighten.

Stone Axes  Stone Axes and Hammers are simple to build. You would use the same process as bladed tools except that instead you would use a larger stone for axes. You would still need to Knapp the blade on to the stone. However axes require more stone so that it doesn’t break when you hit material.


Stone Hammers In order to make a stone hammer you simply need to get a rock and attach it to a medium sized stick. You don’t need to Knapp the stone, and it is simple to make. There are several ways to create a stone hammer, one way is to place a stone in a split pole and lash the halves as tightly as possible. The friction of the pole halves on the stone will keep it in place.


Another way to create a stone hammer is to drill a hole through the center of the stone and put a pole into the stone. The hole should be slightly smaller than the pole. This way after you force the pole into the hole the force of it will keep the pole into the hole.

Another way is to simply drill completely through the stone, and put the pole all the way through the stone. Then simply use binding to hold the stone and the pole in place.

Stone tools are a perfect way to make your life simpler in a survival situation. Whether you are building a log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness or you are trying to skin an animal, stone tools are a useful bit of knowledge to have.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive. Todd Out.


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