Moss: A Great Resource for Building


Moss is a great plant to utilize in survival. It is water proof, it insulates, it is usually abundant, and best of all it is so easy to handle. Moss is really amazing in the number of applications it has. From insulation, to refrigeration, to water gathering, to fire starting, moss is a wonderful resource to utilize.

There are 12,000 different types of moss in the world. Luckily all moss need to have similar environments in order to grow. Moss is a small, non-vascular, non-wood based plant. It needs a moist environment in order to grow.

If you are building a shelter in a wet woodland area, regardless of how you build it, you can line the roof and walls of your shelter with moss in order to insulate and water proof your shelter. This is a perfect resource to use in order to keep your self dry in even the wettest environment. Luckily because of the root system of most moss, you can cut moss from a large patch in square mats. Even better, the root system will help you because it holds the moss together, but more importantly when you place the moss squares next to one another on your shelter, after 24 hours the moss will grow together. It works perfectly to seal your roof and walls from water.


Using moss to insulate and water proof your shelter can work on more structures than just a survival shelter. Many trappers in the 1700s and 1800s used moss to help insulate and water proof their log cabins. One of the most famous trappers, Liver Eating John Johnson, was said to do this.

Using moss as insulation is a great idea, but it also gives you an advantage because moss also gathers water. You can use the moss on your roof and walls to gather clean drinking water if you need it.

Another great advantage of gathering moss is the ability to dry it for fire making. Dry moss, such as old man’s beard from trees, is very flammable. It takes a spark well and is easy to breathe into flame. You can either search for dead moss, or while you are gathering moss for your home, you can gather a little extra and dry it out next to your fire.


Not only can moss serve to insulate your home, but you can create a survival refrigerator as well. A simple place to keep your food in a cold place that equals the temperature of your refrigerator at home, in some cases colder. It is simple to build and very useful.

Moss is a great resource to build with. In most woodland areas it is abundant and easy to get. If you are in a woodland area and in need of some type of insulation material for your home, take a look at moss to be your ideal resource.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive Todd Out.


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