Taut Line Fishing


In survival situations one of the best things you can do is multitask for food. Using multiple simple methods to gather food increases your chances of getting a meal. Using multiple small snares to get you some squirrels or rabbits, even doing a little bit of large game hunting, grabbing a meal as quickly and efficiently as possible builds your spirit. However sometimes your snares don’t work. Sometimes you don’t get the big game dinner that you wanted. Luckily you have one option that is simple and works generally well, Taut Line Fishing.

Taut Line Fishing has been a staple of Southern life for as long as my family has been in the South, that is close to 300 years by the way. It is a very simple, very easy, and most importantly does not require much effort to get a good meal. Taut Line Fishing, also known as Jug Fishing, requires very little experience or skill to master. You simply need a hook, line, and bait.


Taut Line Fishing can be utilized in a few different ways, you can tie your line to a jug or buoy and let it float in the water. Periodically check your jug for a fish. Another way to utilize the taut line fishing method is to attach your line in an overhanging branch. Simply check your fishing line every once in a while and eventually you will get a fish.

Another way you can use the taught line method is to use a method well known to the older 40s generation of Americans, the cane pole method. Take a medium sized stick and attach your fishing line to it and sink your lure.


Using the taut line method to fish is a great way to fish. The bait remains in the water and you can fish all day and night without having to actually be there. This is a great method if you are having to build shelter, trying to stay dry in a rain storm, trying to setup snares for small game, or really just need to do other things but want to get a good meal.

There are several animals you can catch using the taut line method. Some of the critters are easy to deal with and some are not, for example in the coastal regions of the South (Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas) many Alligator hunters use this method to catch Alligators. If you are in the swamp, be careful because you might get a 14 foot gator. If you do not have a fire arm dealing with this animal will be very difficult.

99 Alligator Fishing

The most common fish you will catch with this method is the Catfish. Catfish is a wonderful meal and are easy to catch. If you are in a survival situation and you also happen to know you are in Catfish territory, use this method. You will more than likely find a life saving meal, maybe even several.


Of course using this method you could catch several types of fish, depending on how deep you sink your line. Catfish are bottom feeders so bottom you line to get a Catfish. This is one of my favorite methods of food gathering just because it is so easy.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive

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