The Remington 870 Shotgun

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One of the most important tools to have on hand for every survival situation is the shotgun. Whether you are in self defense mode, hunting, signaling for help, or even making fire, a shotgun just seems to be one of the few perfect items for survival. Like all things in life though, there is always one brand that seems to set the standard for that area of interest. In the shotgun world that shotgun is the 12 gauge Remington 870.


The Remington-870 is the AR-15 of the shotgun world. It is extremely adaptable. There are countless components that can be added or even subtracted from it. Whether you are adding side saddles for extra ammo, or you are adding a collapsible stock on it, the Remington 870 is capable of enduring environments as diverse as the jungle to salty ocean side to the cold arctic regions, the 870 is ready to handle every environment, mainly because it requires very little maintenance.


The Remington 870 was developed in 1951. It is a pump action 3 to 8 round tube, 12 gauge shotgun. It has been the most successful selling shotgun to date with over 10 million shotguns sold. It has been a favorite of both hunters and military personnel alike. Whether it is being used to take a flight of ducks or to breach into a room of hostile personnel the Remington 870 has been there and done that.


For survivalist it has the ability to function in so many different functions. The 870 holds up to 9 rounds of ammunition and can fire a multitude of shots including buck shot, double alt buck shot, flechette, dragon breath, flares, slug shot, bird shot, and amazingly enough a .50 caliber rifle cartridge (though I do not encourage shooting a .50 caliber round through a 12 gauge).


The best thing about the Remington 870 is that it lasts. The Remington 870 has an extremely long service life. It was built for durability and has earned the respect of hunters, and military individuals alike. The Remington 870 is a great shotgun to own and will last in any environment you can think of .

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive 
-Todd Out.
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4 responses to “The Remington 870 Shotgun

  1. For many years my Remington 870 Express Tactical was my go to shotgun of choice. Recently however I switched over to the Mossberg 590A1. Keep up the excellent reviews.

  2. Hey Noah, great article! Which tactical flashlight would you recommend to use with a shotgun? I

    • Tactical flashlights are tricky. I would recommend getting a surefire flashlight, if you are ok with spending the cash. They are expensive but are well worth the money.If you are trying to save some money there are some good alternatives such as nebo. Nebo flashlights are my second tier when I am not using surefire. Those are my top two. If you want a ton of options though you can check they probably have the biggest selection available.
      Good Hunting
      -Todd Out

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