Picking Up Meat


When in a survival situation, a person needs large amounts of food to continue functioning. Hunting is a great way to get protein and fats into your diet but sometimes hunting can be very frustrating. Some times you can hunt for days and never get a kill, or sometimes never even see an animal. You can see signs of animals in every direction but you just can’t seem to get a kill.

Well there is another way to get a nice bit of meat. If you happen to come across a dead animal, from whether it was from natural causes or attack from another animal, you might be able to scavenge a meal from the animal you came across.

If you are in a survival situation, you should never eat meat from a dead animal you didn’t kill unless you are in a bad situation. When an animal dies, disease spreads through the carcass pretty quickly, however depending on how fresh the animal is depends on if it is edible or not.

9 times out of 10, an animal you come across in the wild that has been killed is not going to be fit for eating. Most of the time it is evident because the animal is going to already been mostly eaten from different animals or bugs. However sometimes it is not. If the animal carcass is not covered with bugs, then it may still be fit to eat.

The trick is called the shake test. By picking up the meat in question and shaking it vigorously you can test if the meat is rotten or not. If when you shake the meat it falls off the bone then you should leave it be. If it does not fall off the bone, then the meat is probably good.

One thing to note is that just because you shake the meat it does not mean that the meat is good to eat. There are a few extra steps you should take for safety reasons. First if the meat has a rancid smell it is probably bad. Second if the meat has a distinct discoloration, such blackish or greyish color it is probably bad. If the meat passes all of the tests then you are probably safe to eat it.


One more thought on picking up meat. If you do and it passes the safety tests then cook the meat black. Over cooked meat will have a tough texture to it, but it will ensure that disease is killed in the meat.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive  Todd Out.


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