The AR -15


The AR-15 is a great rifle to have. Not only does it operate well but its accuracy is exceptional at 600 meters. Not only can it act as an offense platform in a combat scenario such as Iraq, but it can also be deployed effectively as a hunting rifle. The rifle can hold a magazine with 30 rounds and uses a round that is powerful and light weight. It is a very powerful and sturdy weapon platform. The best thing is the weapon has steadily gotten better over the past 60 years.


In 1958 the AR-15 was adopted by the US Military and designated the M-16 rifle. The 5.56×45 mm projectile is considerably smaller than that of the adversarial AK, however that does not mean that the AR system does not have putdown power. The small caliber of the 5.56 was battle proven in 1965 by the US 7th Calvary in Vietnam. The small caliber allowed for tumbling once the round hit the target. The tumbling of the round caused a condition called hyper-static shock or tear factor. The projectile can hit targets effectively  out to a distance of 600 meters. The effective range of the weapon system is 100 to 450 meters. Though the 5.56 round is considered to be weak. The the projectile has been proven extremely effective in medium distances.


The best part about the AR 15 is that it is the single most adaptable rifle on the market today. Unlike the AK platform the AR 15 comes in every shape, size, and color you can imagine. From the secrete world of US Special Forces to the amazing Hello Kitty Pink AR. There is literally an AR for everyone.


I personally love the AR 15 as a survival rifle because of its versatility. The brilliant design by Eugene Stoner has allowed for accessories and different variations of the rifle to be almost limitless.  In order to build an effective survival AR, you first need to understand the needs of a survival rifle. Do not choose any accessory that you will need batteries for, that includes flashlights. Your rifle needs to be as light as possible. The best possible situation is to have iron sights and a scope variant. The scope is personal choice, it can either be an ACOG type scope or a regular long range scope. It is personal preference.

A common idea recently is to place a fore grip on the rifle. This is not necessary so do not do it. Remember you are creating a rifle that is light weight and compact as possible for survival not combat. Standard factory fore grips should do fine.

The next part is to maximize your ammo capacity. In a situation where you will carry your rifle but it might be difficult to carry a great deal of ammunition, such as an emergency situation, there is a few things you can do. First is to buy a magazine caliper. A magazine caliper clips two magazines together. It effectively allows for a person to hold 60 rounds where you would normally hold 30.

A recent advancement I have found is a butt-stock component that allows you to hold an extra magazine. This along with the magazine coupler will allow you to effectively carry up to 90 rounds of ammunition on the weapon platform itself. This advantage is wonderful for emergency or survival situations because you can grab your rifle and go.


An AR15 rifle is a powerful instrument for anyone to own. It can be an effective tool to own, however if you are considering purchasing one I strongly suggest that you research the weapon thoroughly and learn the weapon before employing it in any fashion.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive Todd Out.


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