Remington 700: The Hunters Rifle


Remington rifles have been building rifles since the 1800s. Their start was slow, but they grew into one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world. In 1962 Remington developed and produced the Remington model 700 sporting rifle. The Remington 700 quickly became the most respected high accuracy rifle on the market. Soon after the development of the R-700 the US Military took notice of its accuracy and reliability. It quickly became a favorite rifle of US Snipers in Vietnam.

The R-700 is still used extensively by US military, but it is also a favorite hunting rifle of many sportsman through out the world. The most common round fired by the R-700 is the .308 round also known as the  7.62 x 51mm projectile. This is a devastating round hitting targets well over 1000 yards.


For survivalist this rifle is perfect. It has range so you can take down large game for meals. It has power so if need be you can take down a large predator such as a lion or bear. It has strength and accuracy. It is a wonderful rifle.

The R-700 has not really changed in the last 60 years. The rifle can be slightly customized to fit an individuals needs. My personal favorite is the wood stock with leather butt stock cartridge pouch. and 8x scope. I highly recommend this rifle because it is good quality and has a great price of around 450$.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive Todd Out.


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