Dealing with Bears


Bears can be one of the most surprising creatures on the planet. They can be very aggressive and vicious but they can also be very peaceful and gentle. There are numerous stories of bear attacks and how savage they can be, but there are also plenty of stories of bears being very kind as well.

polar bear

Honestly I can say that bears are not extremely dangerous, but should be viewed with caution. Bears come in various species, from the Polar Bear to the Black Bear, even the Panda Bear. Each one has a distinct personality that is common to that species. The American Black Bear for instance tends to be very docile and friendly until it perceives a threat. Unlike the American Grizzly Bear, on the other hand tends to be very aggressive and very territorial.


It is hard to see these cute furry, dog like animals as a serious threat, however a bear, especially a hungry one can be very dangerous. Being prepared to deal with a bear is not as difficult as one might think. Bears regardless of species tend to have the same general behaviors and so learning to deal with them tends to be very easy. One thing to know is that playing dead is never a good idea.


The first thing to know is that bears are big. Bears know when they have the advantage and when they do not. If they feel threaten then they will judge how big you are. If the bear believes they can take you then they will attack. Like wise if they feel like they cannot beat you in a fight, and they feel they cannot get away then of course they will fight. Understand that if you have to engage a bear, your chances are extremely low unless you have prepared for the fight. Planning on how to kill a large animal is never easy especially if you do not have a gun.


The next thing to understand is that bears are hungry. Being that they are large creatures, they need lots of calories. A biological advantage that bears have over humans is the sense of smell. A bear’s sense of smell is 7 times greater than that of a bloodhound. They can smell the smallest bit of food a great deal away. If you happen to stumble upon a bear, the first thing that will happen is that the bear will probably go into protection mode for it self, especially it is a mom and there are cubs around. By it being in an aggressive state you can calm it down by giving it your food and backing away. It might seem like you are bribing the bear not to attack, in truth that is what you should hope happens.

By giving a bear food, you can use its natural inclinations to your advantage. A bear constantly searches for food because it hibernates in the winter. So basically it has a natural inclination to eat. If food becomes present for a bear and you begin to walk slowly away then the bears attention should change from you to the food. An easy meal versus a meal it has to chase.

bear and fish

If you do have to engage a bear for what ever reason might in fact be, you are going to have two options available to you; fight or flight. Either choice when speaking of bears is going to have the same threats. If you run chances are the bear will chase you. IF you fight the bear will fight back.

If you run, you should run to an area where you control the advantages. Anywhere where you can move easily but the bear cannot. It can be a grove of trees, a cave, or whatever it can be. You simply need to get somewhere the bear cannot follow or break to follow you. If you can get to a river you have an even better chance of getting away because most bears will not follow you into water. If it does you have a dedicated predator.

If you choose to fight you need to understand that bears are extremely dangerous when they become angry. You should not fight a bear if you are not prepared or not forced to do so.  If you are by yourself and you do not have a high powered gun then you are going to have to have to improvise. Large gravity traps are best. Regardless you should always carry a large stick when in bear country. Just something to help keep distance between you and the bear.


If there are multiple people in your group then you can divide and conquer. By attacking from two or more positions you can divide the beasts attention and keep it confused. Again this method only works if you do not have ranged weapons such as a gun or bow and arrow.

If you are attacked by a bear, then the areas you should concentrate your attacks in are the nose, eyes, and ears. These are the most sensitive parts of the bear, and should change its mind about wanting to kill. Make yourself more trouble than you are worth and you should survive, hopefully relatively unharmed.

Bears can be very dangerous to deal with. The best thing to do is to leave it alone. If you do run into a bear, then you should do whatever you can to get out of the area with causing the bear to become angry. The best thing to do is just let them be.


As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive Todd Out.


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