Survival Combat – When Something is Hunting You


Combat is not usually a word associated with survival. It has never been discussed on the Discovery Channel, it is not a pleasant word to attach to survival. Combat is an idea where the possibility of death is certain. In combat someone is going to get seriously injured or die. Survival Combat is not different, except the enemy is not another person, but rather an animal that wishes to kill you.

Success in combat is 90% intelligence and 10% luck. It takes a keen sharp mind in order to discern information in the worst possible situation. When a large predator is hunting you, you are going to have to defend yourself. There is no right or wrong way to defend yourself as far as method, it is about what works for that situation.

In combat, soldiers often speak of having a heightened sense of things. They “feel” when danger is close. They know how to move and when to move, especially after being in a combat area for an extended period. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan can pick out an I.E.D. quickly. Veterans of Vietnam can walk through a dense jungle and pick up the slightest booby trap. These skills are not easy to learn because they require experience. Luckily our ancestors past along some very important genes that enable us to function in these types of environments.

In war, soldiers often find that the most agonizing feature of war is the wear on the mind. Man is the hardest animal to hunt or escape from because our ability to think, reason, and use logic. We can learn quickly and we know how to use things from our environment to enhance ourselves. We can make weapons of war.

So what do you do when you are in a survival situation and you have to defend yourself? The answer is of course to build weapons. A simple stick can give you an advantage in just about any situation. Whether you are dealing with a snake, bear, or lion having the ability to keep distance between yourself and your attacker is a must. Of course a simple stick is very basic.

You can always build traps to deal with predators. The bigger the predator the bigger the trap. A good rule to live by is that the bigger animal the angrier it will become when trapped. If you are going to deal with a big animal the best thing to do is kill it or leave it alone.

If you have a persistent predator on your tail then your best bet is to use gravity to your advantage. A tiger for instance can be killed quickly and swiftly under a gravity trap. This method was often used by individuals in East Asia. This method is also great for bears or boars.

Trapping an animal or having to deal with one, is always dangerous. You are going to have to think clearly and concisely. Studying the ancient cultures of an area or zone will give you a distinct advantage in knowing how to deal with the local threats. There are tons of ways to hunt and deal with large game that keeps you safe. Use your head, and stay safe. Look for more post on combat survival to come soon.

As Always Folks; Prepare and Survive. Todd Out.


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