Internal Gardening

Survival Skills come in all shape and sizes. Some skills are designed to help you survive the wilderness, however some survival skills are to prepare you for the long haul situations. Preparing for future disasters can be difficult, especially when you live in a city or an apartment. For instance if you own your own property out on a mountain, or away from everything, with your own water source and power; you can develop a small farmstead to keep you and your family going no matter what situation comes your way.

Farmsteads are great, but most people do not have them. Then how can a person living in a city or apartment begin to prepare for oncoming disasters or even just start living off your own work? Well a person can actually do more to help themselves in a urban environment than you would probably think.

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Urban environments typically are harder to survive in because of the lack of supplies. Unlike in natural settings, nothing grows in the city. The asphalt jungle doesn’t have natural plants that you can live off of, and a person can only eat so many pigeons for food. So what can you do to make your life easier?

Indoor gardening is a perfect option. Whether you want a constant supply of fresh berries, fruits, and vegetables or whether you are expecting to have to prepare for a long term disaster; indoor gardening is a possible answer for you. The idea is not a relatively new one, however the basics behind the idea of growing food indoors needs to be rethought.

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Starting off; creating a space inside to create a garden takes a little bit of work. Imagine having a small space where nothing is really going on. Whether it is just a space were you just store things or whether you have a closet that you do not really use, you have the space to create a small indoor garden.

Once you have found your space you now need to figure out whether you are going to use natural light or artificial light. Neither one over shadows the other but using natural light is cheaper, however creating artificial light allows you to have the ability to garden in any space.

To create the actual planters you simply need to get a rack, preferably metal, and get some plastic document crates. For the plants that you will grow upside down, cut out a two inch hole in the bottom of the crate. Fill the crate with rich soil and your plants will have plenty of room to root.

Finally use reflective materials, preferably mirrors, around the plant to increase the light exposure to your plants. This will insure that your plant receives plenty of light, especially if you are using an artificial light source.

Now once you have decided on your space and lighting, you are now ready to build your internal garden. The plants you decide to grow can either enhance your position or just fill it. The trick is to use gravity as your ally. It would be difficult to cultivate crops high in the air but you can use an old trick of growing upside down plants. Growing plants upside down actually can give you an advantage. Not only are you going to have easier access to the plant, but if you are using artificial light, then by growing on layer right up and one layer upside down, you need fewer lights in order to grow food. A neat little trick to use to your advantage.

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 12.55.48 AMThe types of food you grow is only limited to your space. However certain foods do not grow well upside down. Luckily I get to take most of the guess work out of your garden. I have a very good list of vegetables you can grow in your indoor garden.

Upside Down Plants to Grow Tomatoes – Cucumbers – Beans – Egg Plant – Peppers – Strawberrys

Right Side Up Plants You Can Grow Potatoes – Carrots – Lettuce – Herbs – Tea – onions

With these basic plants you have a pretty good variety for your diet. The best part about developing a indoor garden, is that you don’t really have to worry about bugs. Your garden will require daily attention, and the fact of it being so small will allow you to control the conditions of your plants.

This method of cultivating food is great for supplementing grocery list and can be expanded to include other plants and for larger groups as well.

As Always Folks Prepare and Survive  Todd Out.



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