Stress Management and Survival


Being in a survival situation is tough. It does not matter whether you are a 12 year old Boy Scout, or a 10 year veteran Navy SEAL, being in a situation where you can easily die will strain your mental abilities to cope with stress. Stress is that universal constant in tough situations. It is not easy to deal with. Everyone has to deal with it in one way or another and the way we deal with our stress often leads to us either having a good life or a miserable one. Survival situations tend to only raise our stress levels. In the best case scenario we can muster just enough strength to get through the given situation, however if we have to face similar situations time and time again our mental resistance will begin to erode until we have nothing left to give.

So how do we keep going when we have nothing left to give? Well in truth, if you have breath you have the ability to succeed. Your mental strength is only as strong as you desire it to be. Your body is controlled by your mind. If you control your mind, you control your body as well. In day to day life, working out helps to dissolve stress within the body and mind, however in that one moment when you are completely drained physically, have not had any food in days, have had little water, and are having doubts whether or not you can keep going; you are going to have to look for something deep inside yourself to keep you going.

Most people have never had this situation come up in their life, however in the recent events of fiscal uncertainty for many people this realization is more than you would imagine. You do not have to be in the middle of the woods to be in a survival situation. Whether you have just lost your job and are facing financial ruin, or whether you are a Lone Survivor behind enemy lines, controlling your mind helps you control your stress. Controlling your stress will help you keep control in the worst situations.

Typically this is the part of the post where I give you information on how to reduce your stress and master your mind. However as a young man I am still simply a student and am still learning. I can however recommend a teacher.

cbc53a6c867c5f08d84623e289dd1acb-bpfullThe Unbeatable Mind Academy developed by former Navy Seal Mark Divine, is the perfect place to learn. Based out of Encitas California, the Unbeatable Mind Academy is an online academy that teaches how to handle stress, develop leadership, and team development. I highly recommend Mark Divine’s teaching. As one of his students I have learned the best mental strength preparation from him.


The best thing about Coach Divine is that his first few lessons are free to try. Try him out at his website, As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive.
Todd Out.


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