Rule #1 : Cardio /Physical Fitness and Survival


Imagine yourself being caught out in the wilderness and in the middle of a storm, the wind blows and a log on to your hooch. The log falls onto you. How do you get it off of you? Simple, pure strength. The body can do amazing things when under duress but it can do even more amazing things when you have given it strength conditioning.

Physical Fitness is the body’s ability to function. The better your body moves the more than likely you are going to be able to adapt to new unknown situations. Now you do not have to be able to 4 miles in 28 mins carrying a log to have physical fitness. If you can run a mile in 8 to 9 mins, you are in pretty good condition. Typically as far as strength if you can do between 8 and 10 pull ups and around 25 push ups, again you are doing pretty good.

The biggest need for physical fitness is because the time will come when you will have to move over an obstacle. Whether it is a log, a boulder, or even climb up a mountain face, having the ability to do it can definitely give a you a boost when it comes time to perform.


Another great reason to have physical fitness is when the time comes to evade a predator. Imagine having to evade a lion, tiger, or bear. The best way is to try to change the mind of the beast that wants to make you a meal. If you can run and swim your chances of getting away are great, if you can fight back with strength then your chances have improved even more.


A general fitness plan is easy to follow; Train 3 days a week. Whatever days you choose plus at least one day in between each training day for rest. By mixing strength training and cardiovascular work, your body should be generally ready for most challenges.


Physical Fitness is usually a feature of survival training not thought about outside of those in the military. Physical Fitness is an essential part of the survivalist life. Not only does it help with dealing with stress but it also prepares the body for stressful situations. Physical fitness does not mean that you will come out of a survival situation alive, but it does mean that when your body is more prepared for the stress it will have to endure in survival situations.


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