IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit


ifak_for_webThe Individual First Aid Kit or IFAK is a simple collection of first aid supplies that should be able to solve most of the first aid needs of an individual in a hostile situation. With each individual carrying certain supplies, if the soldier gets injured the responding medic would not have to deplete his supplies, or carry huge amounts of first aid supplies in order to deal with every injury.

In WW2 the United States military decided to give a small first aid kit to each combat soldier.  This kit included a box of four morphine syringes, a large gauze pad, and a 7cc Iodine bottle. Not a great deal of supplies but in WW2 is was what was needed. However after WW2 ended the US Army started to develop better methods of combat first aid.


The Pacific Theater in WW2 taught the United States that it was not medically prepared for jungle combat. Though the US tried to prepare it self for jungle combat the terrible conditions that comes with jungle warfare, mainly bacteria and viruses, needed to be addressed. The way the US adapted to this was in 1967 with the official adaptation of the Individual First Aid Kit. The IFAK created in Vietnam started from the idea that soldiers needed more than just badges to survive. Therefore the US Medical Command, decided that all US soldiers in the field will carry different types of medicines along with their bandages, such as ibuprofen, malaria pills, iodine, sutures, and other great medical supplies. This actually led to more US soldiers surviving wounds that if received in WW2 would have cost the soldier his life.


From Vietnam the US Military learned more medical lessons, and began developing an even more advanced IFAK. In the modern US Military the development of more advanced medical solutions allows for each US soldier to carry a small amount of first aid supplies and care for a great deal of wounds and illnesses.

improved_ifak_700The modern IFAK is a powerful advantage to the person carrying it. A good IFAK can save your life in almost hopeless situations. However choosing what you wish to put into your IFAK can be difficult. Luckily I have the items you need.

The Individual First Aid Kit 1 pair of sterile Latex Gloves
1 pack of Quickclot
1 suture kit
1 suture needle
10 small bandages (band aids) or role of gauze tape
1 large self tying bandage
A great kit that can solve most medical problems. There are no pill type medicines in IFAKs any longer. The reason is because they do not last very long. Also the items above are not effected by humidity or temperature. Besides in most places of the world there are natural ways to deal with minor aches and pains.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive. Todd Out.


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