Fire Making with a Battery and Steel Wool


Ever needed to make fire but don’t have a lighter? Rubbing two sticks together is possible but not always the best choice, especially when you are cold and need a fire now. So what do you do when you need a fire but don’t have any real way to make a fire? Steel Wool and a 9V battery.


The mixing of wool fibers and steel make for a perfect method of short circuiting a battery and creating fire. The steel wool begins to over heat and glow red. As it glows red mix it with paper or leaves and small twigs and soon enough you will have a fire.


This method of fire making is perfect for wet areas. The true secret is to keep a small bag of fire making material. By placing steel wool and tissue paper into a plastic bag and in a separate plastic bag keep a few 9V batteries. Carry these items around with you when you are out in the wilderness and you will always have a ready supply of fire making material.


Unfortunately this method only last as long as you have steel wool. Other methods fire production methods will be need in order to ensure that you constantly have fire. Of course you could always just never let your fire go out too.

As Always Folks: Prepare and Survive Todd Out.


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