Chemical Lights/Glow Sticks


Glow Sticks are a perfect emergency supplies item. They give you light when you need it and function in any environment. Whether you are in the Tundra or underwater glow sticks work. Now for those of you who do not speak military, glow sticks are also known as chem lights.

Glow Sticks were adopted by US Special Forces in the 1970s. US Special Forces uses chem lights for a variety of reasons, however the most common use of chemical lights by US SF is to mark positions. The most famous use was to take the light and tie a string to it and swing it over head. This method allows for a small light to create a big light. This allowed for overhead on lookers to see your position. US Special Forces used this technique to mark their position for pick up at night.

The down side to glow sticks is that you typically only have 12 hours before the light goes out. However these are emergency lights meaning that if you “pop” the light you should be able to get situated within the twelve hours of light that you have.


Emergency Services through out the United States uses chemical lights for assistance in searching disaster zones. Whether you are marking a landing zone for helicopters, or making a trail of safe passage, chemical lights are amazing.

A final note on chemical lights, they come in several different colors which is great. I always keep 6 in my go bags just because they do come in handy.

As always folks: Prepare and Survive. Todd Out.



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