Choosing Desert Survival Clothing


When trying to select what kind of clothing to wear in an environment most people do pretty good. They choose warm clothes for the cold and cooler clothes for the hot, however there are some minor things you can do that can make your life in a situation even better.

The Desert In the desert the sun is your worst enemy. During the day,the sun will drain your body of its water and energy in just a couple of hours. At night your body will freeze because of the temperature will drop so low compared to the day. It seems like a now win situation, however the type of clothing you choose can make all the difference between having the ability to function and not.

Tan and light colored clothes are best option. Darker colors absorb more sunlight and therefore get hotter, keeping you hotter. Also remember that the type of material you choose depends on whether you stay miserable or live in relative comfort.

Linen is the best fabric for the desert. It is light weight and breathes nice. It does not absorb a great deal of water so when you sweat you will not be as heavy as if you were wearing wool but also your body will be able to regulate itself. Finally the greatest advantage with linen is that you can wear long sleeves and long pants and still remain cool while protecting your skin.


The key in the desert is not only to use light fabric but to cover your skin as best as possible. The more your skin is available to the sun the greater chance you have at getting sunburn. Now at first glance that doesn’t seem all that bad but sun burn prevents your body from regulating and thus makes it much harder to survive.

Another thing is to cover your head to keep it from the sun. Though things like baseball hats or boonie covers are great, the best thing to use in the desert is a shemagh. A shemagh is great because you can cover your head, neck and face all with one piece of cloth. And of course you could double your gear to include a shemagh and a hat. That would work great.


Loose light weight clothing is perfect for the desert, of course when living in the desert the clothes you were only seem to boost your chances of survival. There are still 10 different things you must do in order to survive.

As Always Folks, Prepare and Survive Todd Out


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