Making Fire Easy: Char Cloth


Char Cloth is a precious thing to have in survival situations. It catches spark super easy and in times when building a fire is going to be difficult such as a wet environment, char cloth tends to give you a little extra chance in making fire.

Char cloth has become more popular in the last 10 years more than ever. The survivor shows like “SurvivorMan”, “Dual Survivor”, “Man V Wild”, and “Dual Survivor” have made this little secret a must have among survival enthusiast. The advantages of char cloth are beyond counting. Its single strength of giving you an almost perfect surface for fire is just wonderful. Fire is your best friend in survival and can also be one of the hardest things to create, but if you can manage to either create it or carry it with you then when the time comes and you have to make a fire it becomes that much easier to do so.

Char Cloth is super heated cloth. It is carbonized cloth. It works best with cotton and canvas. The way you make char cloth is simple, take a piece of cloth put it in some kind of container, typically a metal one, and super heat it. Altoid tins are perfect for making char cloth. Take a piece of cloth and place it in a tin and place it in the fire. By closing the tin you eliminate the oxygen flow to the cloth. This prevents the cloth from burning and just allows it to carbonize. Very Simple, Very Easy.


As Always Folks, Prepare and Survive. Todd Out.


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