BurnOut Canoe


I love canoes. I think they are a great way to travel waterways, however I have always wondered how do you build one when you are trying to survive? Well good news folks, I have learned a new method of building canoes. It is called the burnout. The burnout method involves finding a large hardwood tree and burning out a canoe inside of it. To me it sounded ridiculous but then it dawned on me that necessity is the mother of invention. Also to remember the survivors code is to use what is around you to your advantage.


Once you have your tree it is time to shape your canoe. The first step is to shape the top of the canoe until it is flat. You want the top of the log to be flat because it will keep the hot coals on it and not misshape it. Once the top of the canoe has been flattened, take hot coals from a fire and lay them onto the flattened top. The coals will then start to burn down into the log creating a cavity into the wood.

Once you have burned most of the tree out you will then finish the canoe by carving the remaining wood and complete your canoe. Also you will need to taper the ends of the canoe to points so that it will glide through the water.

Though I have not yet tried this method myself, it is on my to do list for 2013.

Always Folks, Prepare and Survive. Todd Out


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