Survival Entertainment


Imagine being in a survival situation, whether it is a backpacker in the back country for 3 months or it is an actual survival situation, having some form of entertainment can save your life. Whenever the mind has time to wander, it has time to become desperate and alone. Being alone in the wilderness can play on your mind. Your mind wonders when it is dark outside. Those little creeks and chirps start sounding like critters of death when you can’t sleep. After awhile though it does not matter how great of a survivalist you are, after a time on your own without interaction with another human being, a person can become quite distant from reality, and more important a person will get bored and become careless. When a person loses their grip on reality or bored and careless; they become dangerous to themselves. The way you prevent this from happening is through some form of entertainment.

Entertainment can be found in a variety of different ways in survival situations. It can be as simple as a harmonica or flute, it can be as different as Wilson too.

My personal favorite is the Native American Flute. The five hole, pentatonic scale wooden flute is easy to play and simple to master. It takes time but it sounds amazing and doesn’t require a lot of practice to flute out a tune. They do come in several keys and are not very cheap to buy. My favorite place to get a Native American flute is from Ordell Borg at High Spirit Flutes,


I love Harmonica’s too but the problem is that they require a little more work to get a simple song out of. The best thing about harmonicas is that they are small. They practically can fit in any pocket because of their size. However once you have mastered the harmonica it can certainly give you hours of enjoyment.


Of course I can’t talk about entertainment without mentioning Wilson. Ever since the movie Castaway came out everyone has loved Wilson. However the idea of having something to take the place of human interaction is a wonderful way to keep yourself from losing control of your head. For instance it doesn’t have to be a volleyball it can be a dog, a cat, any type of animal. Having something to talk to and de-stress to can help you through the most difficult times.


There are many forms of entertainment, the trick is finding one that works for you. As Always Folks Prepare and Survive
Todd Out


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