Signaling for Rescue #2 Signal Mirror


When in the wilderness the best and most impressive object you can carry with you is a signal mirror. A simple mirror can be seen for up to 10 miles in the wild. A simple signal mirror can allow you to signal to aircraft, boats, cars, trucks, even hikers. That little mirror along with the sun shines a bit of sunlight out to whatever target you are aiming at.


The key to using a signal mirror is more than just flashing in s general direction. By taking your hand and making a V with your fingers you are making a sight in which to aim at a specific point. This helps you guide the light you are shining.


There are signal mirrors made that have a hole in the center of the mirror. These signal mirrors were made specifically for this purpose of signaling. However any piece of mirror will function as a signal mirror.

As Always Folks, Prepare to Survive -Todd Out


2 responses to “Signaling for Rescue #2 Signal Mirror

  1. My signal mirror is a thin piece of shiny stainless steel. It is effective and you don’t have to worry about broken glass from a glass based mirror.

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