Having Tea with Mother Nature


In order to keep moral up in survival it is necessary to have something that makes you feel human. Keeping the thought that you are human and not a cave man or even doomed to die. How do you get a positive moral though? What can you do in those intense situations to make you feel like everything will be ok? For me I choose to make tea. I love tea. Typically nature gives you at least one thing in every area to make some tea. Most of them taste pretty good, a few not so much.

For reasons of safety I will only discuss a few types of teas you can make. Some teas look very much like other flowers that should not be ingested so please be careful and seek as must education as possible before trying some of these teas on your own. They can be dangerous.

Now my favorite tea in the wild to make is Pine Needle tea. Pine Needles are great for tea because they are rich in flavor and vitamin C. It is a great tea when you are feeling sick or in a cold environment. Now I have heard rumors about pine tea however I cannot find any actual evidence of this, I have been told that pine tea can cause pregnant mothers to lose their child. Again I have not found any actual proof of this but I have heard this from more than one source. If anyone knows for a fact please let me know. However as a man I am not worried about it, but please be careful.

pine needle tea

Another type of tea you can make is Sassafras Tea. Sassafras tea is very good. I love this tea. It is made by boiling the sassafras root. It holds no danger to your health and it has a wonderful taste. Typically the sassafras roots are good in the Spring and Fall.


Another type of tea is the Mint Leaf tea. Mint Leaf tea is great. It has a decent taste and best of all you can brew it year round. The mint leaves just simply need to be dried and pour hot water over them. It is quick and easy.


Tea can be a wonderful morale boost. It can be that little thing that makes you feel human again. Sometimes in those survival situations that brief moment of relief is just what a person needs in order to make it another day.

Remember Folks Prepare to Survive Todd Out


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