The Bow and Arrow


One of the most ancient tools of man is the Bow and Arrow. A pretty simple tool for both hunting and warfare. Its greatest advantage was putting distance in between you and your target. A good bow can allow for 150 plus yards from you and your intended target. Though most targets will be within one hundred feet, the ability to hit a target aBow_and_arrowt 150 yards is a vast advantage over the spear. With a bow and arrow a single individual can carry multiple projectiles instead of one or two spears. The bow can also throw the arrow with greater force than that of the human arm and spear. It has had some transformations about once every 500 years and increased in both lethality and power. From the famous English Long Bow, to the modern Compound Bow this tool has been the greatest and most devastating tool used by mankind to date.

The first major adaptation of the bow was the long bow. Though the bow and arrow has been in human hands since before the Egyptian Empire, the basic shape has not changed. A curved wooden shaft, with a string from one point to the other. The strength of the early bow was in its length. The longer the bow the more power the bow has. The common design known is the English Long Bow. It varied in length from 5 to 7 ft. in length, and could launch a projectile about 150 to 300 yards depending on the user however the accuracy of the weapon was not great beyond 25 yards. Of course in hunting, this advantage of hitting your target from distance, allowed the hunter to stalk his prey without alarming his prey too soon. It was a great advantage to have.

The next great advancement of the bow and arrow is known as a Recurve Bow. A Recurve Bow, uses the strength of wood as it curves to throw a projectile with more force. The S curve in the bow allows for the bow to have strength while being compact. This design allowed the bow to be fired from horse back. This allowed for greater speed and more fire power. The Recurve Bow, could engage targets beyond 350 yards, but was again limited to about 80 yards for accuracy. It was a great advantage and many cultures adapted it.

tumblr_m0fgdwDKNe1r3p726o1_500 horsemaster1The final transformation of the bow happened about 50 years ago with the invention of the Compound Bow. The Compound Bow is a Recurve Bow, with a gear and pulley system. This bow is the most powerful of the bow world. Also Compound Bows are made of aluminum or alloy components for strength. The pulley system of the bow allows for huge gains in strength and power. A decent compound bow can put well over 1000lbs of force onto a target. This means a one shot kill possibility. A huge advantage. I have seen where new types of compound bows can bring down a grizzly bear in one shot.


The bow is definitely a powerful weapon. It has been used by Special Forces through out the world. Now I don’t know if they have explosive bolts like Rambo, but I do know it has been used in modern combat for its ability of stealth. A silent, deadly weapon that can bring down large game.

The bow is a perfect tool for survivors. It not only offers protection but also a tool that can help in gathering food. The best thing about the bow and arrow is that the arrows can be made very easily compared to bullets. It is the perfect weapon for survivalist.

Remember folks, Prepare to Survive Todd Out


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  1. I am thinking to write a historical novel on genghis khan. they lived in steppes where trees were they manufactured millions of bows and arrows! the novel will be in bengali language. this will connect my other novel mghalshahi.

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