Food and Water: How Long Can You Go Without?


Sometimes it is near impossible to get food and water in survival situations. Whether you are in Death Valley or on the open ocean, some areas of the world have little to no food or water. In this scenario however just because you don’t have food or water doesn’t mean you can’t survive. In situations where you have little to no food or water the trick to surviving is actually how you move and when.

Typically a person in good health can last up to 3 days without water, and about 3 weeks without food. It seems a little bit weird but the human body has just enough reserve power to last long enough to get more fuel. 3 days is plenty of time to find water and 3 weeks is plenty of time to grab a decent amount of food.

Of course the biggest effect on your ability to last without resources is the environment. The worst environment to survive in without resources is the Tundra, and of course the best is the Temperate zones.

Now the trick is not how long can you go, but in doing specific things to length the time you have between food or water sources. When you have plenty of resources you can move, go, eat, and drink whenever you like. Because of not having necessity for things, your body can go and perform at any time of the day. In survival situations timing is everything. In the desert for example it is better to find shade and rest during the day and move at night. At night in the desert it can be quite cold and moving can keep your body warm conserving precious calories and keeping you from dehydrating yourself so quickly.

There are endless possibilities for moving and conserving energy, but the general rule of thumb still remains the same you have about 3 days to find water and about 3 weeks to find food.

Remember Folks Prepare and Survive Todd Out


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