Fishing: The Best Source of Protein

spawning salmon

When ever the search for food becomes necessary, the need of not only getting food but to get proper nutritional food becomes top priority. The concept however of eating nutritional takes a different ideology.  The idea that you need to count your calories, or not eat red meat, or even only eat vegetables goes right out the door. If you want to survive you are going to need protein and fat. Your body is going to energy and lots of it just to function. The environmental factors alone in the wild can cause your body to need vast amounts of food. In most temperate areas, rivers are likely and in the coastal areas, you have a giant ocean to fish. Fish are an amazing food source. Fish are rich in vitamins and minerals, fats and oils, and rich in protein. All vital for life, and fish just so happen to be plentiful on the earth.

In order to catch this illusive prey however, the fisherman has a great many tools to his advantage over the fish. However the differences in the two categories, freshwater and salt water should be discussed separately because of their vast differences. For our purposes in this post we will discuss the fresh water category.73386_cane-pole_lg

Fresh water fish are almost always edible. Like all animals you should take the time to properly prepare fish before you eat it. Again never eat fish raw because of threat of disease and sickness, and in survival situations sickness can be disastrous. Now most fish are going to be easier to catch in shallow water, therefore if you can find a small sliver of a river you can create a better opportunity to catch fish for yourself.


The first method of fishing is the old tried and true cane pole technique. Take a stick, typically a sapling for its ability to bend without breaking, and attach a shoe string or string with a barb on it into the water. Typically in most situations you will not have fishing line and a hook, but you can improvise with fibrous tissue of plants and carve a barb from wood.

img0691If you have a shallow area where fish often swim, then you can build a couple types of traps in order to catch a good dinner. The first type of trap is a stick trap. Take thick sticks and place them in a square or circle formation with a slight opening in the back end. This type of trap is great because the fish will swim into the trap and then not be able to get out.

The second trap is a dam trap. If you find a small stream that is wide but shallow you can create a funnel in the stream using rocks. By damming up part of the stream and forcing the fish to swim in a particular narrow area, you can setup a couple of different traps. The first trap is a pull trap or a net trap. It is easy to make and is great for catching smaller fish. To create the trap you simply take a long stick attach four strings from the stick to a net, which can be made from any long and wide piece of material that can used like a net, such as a shirt, and lower it into the water and wait for the fish to swim in the narrow channel and then lift them up. Simple and easy, and often gives you more fish. survival-fishing-05

Another type of dam trap is the cone trap. The cone trap is a particular trap that you can put at the opening of the dam and allow the water to flow through, but catching the fish. To build the cone you simply need to gather some sticks and arrange them in a cone formation. Binding the narrow area, and using a green sapling to form a circle to lash the wide opening of the cone. Once in place you can leave and come back later to check to see if you have dinner.

A idea on how to capture a fish is from the bird’s eye. If you have a bow you can tie a string to an arrow and stand over the water waiting for a fish to come into view. Now this is a little tricky, normally you would aim at your intended target but when aiming at water you have to aim slightly lower. Water acts as a lens that refracts light. This causes the fish to seem higher than it actually is. Meaning that if you aim directly at the fish you will miss high, therefore you want to aim below the fish. This will take some practice but eventually you will bag a fish for dinner.


There are several more types of fishing to be discussed but we shall leave those for another day.

Prepare to Survive -Todd Out


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