Unlikely Food Sources: Creepy Crawlies

1211_bear-grylls-dockers-man-vs-wild_fa“Man v Wild” with Bear Grylls is the most entertaining survival show on Discovery Channel. Most people watch Man v Wild to see what Bear Grylls will eat next. Well when it comes to survival eating bugs is not as farfetched as you would think. It is a very welcoming and healthy thing to do.

Note for those who would do this, creepy crawlies come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are not sure what you are looking at don’t eat it. That is how safety videos begin.

Now insects and arachnids should always be considered a food source. For most people they are too disgusting to even think about. However those little creepy crawlies you see can actually taste quite good. The real trick to eating bugs is to not eat them raw or while they are still alive, but to cook them. Personally fried grasshoppers are very good.

The best thing about those creepy crawlies, is that they are everywhere and are very healthy for you. Though it will require some work, gathering a couple hundred bugs, spiders, or scorpions for a meal requires minimal effort. Of course you cannot live off of crawlers alone. You will need some sort of large animal to get fat into your diet.

two-striped grasshopper

brown_banded_roachNow there are some issues with eating insects or arachnids. If you see any critter that is brightly colored, it probably means that it is poisonous, so don’t touch it. Also you should kill the critters before you eat them, because you don’t want them biting you when you try to eat them. Also it helps when they do not move.


Remember though folks, Prepare and Survive.

-Todd Out


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