Survival Situations: War Time v Peace Time


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Getting out of survival situations depends heavily on the situation itself. The recent TV era based on Survival, tends to be on the peaceful side of surviving. A vacation or educational trip that goes bad and you are on your own to survive, most importantly once people know you are missing rescue will be notified and people will be out looking. However there is another side of survival, war time survival. War time survival is when the scenario around you is looking to either do you harm or capture you. In war time survival the normal method of moving and wanting to be seen is no longer available. In this scenario it is better to hide and survive than to be seen and try to get help.

To better illustrate the difference between surviving war time and surviving peace time is to look at Hollywood. The movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks, a movie about a survivor of a plane crash. He wants to be found and wants to be able to return to civilization. Unlike the movies “Red Dawn” or “Defiance” where a military invasion has happened. It is time to hide and survive. In this scenario you do not want to be found because the consequences could be grave if you are.

Peace Time Survival The differences in gear is minimal. The same ideas and techniques apply however the overall goal is to get out of the terrible situation and back to your life. Imagine though you are in an area where you need to be found, using the bright color orange gives rescuers the advantage where you are, because they can see you. This advantage of wanting to be seen can either be seen as bright orange or sometimes a bright big fire in the woods with lots of smoke, this is a signal of “Hey I’m over here!” And of course you make more noise and blaze a more visible trail so search and rescue can follow where you have been. Completely following the instructions of the Discovery Channel’s shows right? Of course this is what you want to do in peace time survival.

War Time Survival War time survival is vastly different. Imagine you are a Green Beret in 1968, North Vietnam. This is not a friendly place to be for an American. I once read a story about a Green Beret that was lost behind enemy lines with out contact to American friendlies for over a month. No radio contact, no rescue attempts, nothing that would aid him in his struggles to get out. I am not sure what his mission was, simply because the article I read said it was highly classified, but none the less the mission was accomplished. In this scenario of surviving, it is best to blend in and disappear than to seek rescue. Granted this man was a highly trained combat expert and survival expert, however the methods that he used to remain undetected are still the methods you must use in order to remain safe. This encounter in the United States is usually scoffed at, however one thing that is well known is that United States can be attacked, and if an invasion happens after that attack then you must be prepared to evacuate and evade. No one more than myself hopes that this contingency never happens on our soil, really any where. However with many groups that wish to do us harm we must not allow ourselves to be merely sheep to them. We must retain the ability to survive in hostile situations. Of course remember that in some vacation spots, the locals are not always friendly to Americans.

Another scenario is not necessarily a war, but a lack of government. If in fact the time comes that the government ceases to exist, either due to major natural disaster, nuclear war, or any other massive terrible event, then the masses with out will become hostile to the few that have. I wish it wouldn’t be so, but sadly it is. Some people are aggressive, steal, and will take anything they can even if it means to put others beneath them. When this situation happens, it is time to stop being a survivalist, and time to put on the war hat and protect what is yours.

Remember folks: Not everyone is friendly, and when the time comes to deal with them and force is necessary, this is when war time survival begins. Remember though force is last result, and only necessary when you are in imminent danger.

Prepare and Survive.


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