Survival Situations: The When, Where, and Why

art-of-survivalSurvival Situations differ from situation to situation. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different difficulties, and different challenges. Survival situations can be as difficult as war zones or as challenging as arctic conditions. Every situation is different. So then how do we prepare for a ever changing situations? How can we prepare for all of these possible situations? How do you prepare for war, Arctic and Tropical, disease, complete governmental collapse, nuclear fall out, and what ever other situation you can think of? There actually is a way. The biggest mistake made by preparers is that they plan for a particular event. This is a huge mistake, because you will be perfectly prepared for  a single event and another one will, you are not prepared for, will pop up.

The way you prepare for survival events is to prepare for durations not for events. For example if an F5 tornado hits your town, and it is completely destroyed then you know that typical rescue response is going to be 3-7 days based on where you are. So in reality your major concern should be to make sure you are ready for at least the middle range of 5 days. For all purposes we will view each situation as a duration not to a specific event.

Duration 1 week: Most survival events like this is typically natural disasters. You are in this situation because of a tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake, or whatever event takes place. Your most basic needs are warmth, and water. With these two things you can exist until rescue arrives. In order to prepare for these events, the amount of gear needed is relatively small. A few MRE’s some water and water purification, and a wool blanket and you should make it through. This is the most common type of survival situation. I myself have been in this situation about 10 times in my life, of course I live in both tornado and hurricane valley. 3 to 7 days is the best and should be the first level of readiness achieved in today’s way of life.

Duration 1 week to 4 weeks: Typically having to survive more than a week is rare, it happens on a large scale about once every 10 years or so. The greatest 050905-N-0535P-223example of this is Hurricane Katrina.*I like using Katrina because it is very well known to people. Some individuals in the gulf coast region had to live with out help for about 3 weeks after Katrina hit. So mass damage and complete destruction of infrastructure in a particular region can cause the ability of rescue workers to get to you. It is going to be hard to get to you in these situations. To be prepared for these situations, you are going to need at least 2 months of food, water, water purification methods, and construction materials. You will need to setup a system that allows you to operate independently outside public works. In these situations you are going to need to prepare for 2 months because the devastation faced is going to be massive. In this case, some of your supplies are going to be destroyed from environmental damage, or you might encounter survivors that need help. By having 2 months of supplies, you are ready for either survivors or damaged goods. Of course if you have both damaged goods and survivors your only hope would have minimal on both fronts, that you can last until rescue arrives. Typically overhead helicopter rescue would begin searching after a disaster, so you want to set the odds in your favor to make sure you will last until help arrives. However in some cases it could be weeks before ground forces can get to you.

Duration More than 4 Weeks: If you are in a situation where you are going to have to survive for more than 4 weeks then your best chance of survival is not in the gear you can have but in your mind. Yes having gear will help you but the use of supplies has its limits. Survival food will run out, so you will need to gather more. Water will need to be made, so you will need to know how to disinfect it. You will need to have long term shelter so you will need to know how to build it, and so on and so on. The trick is you will need to have knowledge to accomplish this task. This duration is where the rubber meets the road. Of course you can prepare for this contingency by having a bunker and filling it with buckets of clean water and food, but if you are in a flood zone, bunkers tend to not be effective in floods. So You will need to have some sort of knowledge to deal with situations as they arise. Remember if you are going to need to be in the field for 4 or more weeks, your knowledge of the area and of survival can be the difference between life and death.

A few last notes to be attached is that there are survival situations where you cannot prepare for it. For example if you are in a plane crash you are not going to have the gear you would like to have with you since of course NSA won’t allow you to have most of it anyway. Also realize that there are plenty of reasons why you should prepare long term, however in order to properly prepare your home for most possibilities means that you are going to have to invest a great deal of time and money into your home. Again I will become more detailed in home preparation with later posts.

Remember folks: Prepare and Survive.


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