Duct Tape: The 8th Wonder of the World


Duct tape is the most amazing invention of mankind in the last 100 years. Its uses are almost limitless. It has so many uses that you cannot list all of them. Suffice to say that life as we know it would be very different with out duct tape. It has been demonstrated so thoroughly that so long as we have internet, you can expect new ideas with duct tape to arise.


Duct Tape was designed to seal holes in air duct terminals. Its air tight seal makes it perfect for adhering to any surface. Because air flow in air conditioning ducts varies in both temperature and consistency, duct tape had to be more adhesive in order to cope with the varying conditions. Whether it is super heated air, or super cooled air the adhesive nature of the tape had to be more than just good. It had to be great! And so it was.

Therefore Duct Tape became the greatest tool a person could have. In survival situations duct tape can seal holes air tight. For our purposes I recommend that you watch the Mythbuster’s duct tape episodes because they are great for examples of what duct tape can do. By the way my favorite part is the sail boat out of duct tape, that was pretty amazing. However the greatest use for duct tape outside of construction is medical. If you are seriously injured and need to put pressure on a wound and are either by yourself or are unable to get help then of course wrapping duct tape around your wound tightly would not only seal your wound but hold pressure as well. It is really a medics dream tool.


Another great advantage of having duct tape is that is has an air tight seal. If you are in an area that has a terrible disasster whether it is nuclear fall out, a dust storm, or any disaster where airborne particles are a threat, you can use duct tape to seal doors and windows and any crack where air can leak through. Protecting you and anyone else with you.


Again these ideas are only a few of the many possibilities of the 8th wonder of the world: Duct Tape.

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