Oscar Mike Survival – On the Move

The biggest mistake made by immature disaster preparers or survivalist is hording supplies. Though there is nothing wrong with gathering large amounts of emergency supplies, the fact that if you were to need them puts you in considerable risk. In a total shutdown of infrastructure, more people than just you are going to need supplies. When people get desperate, desperation becomes an unending drive in them. Their desire to get what they need to exist will over power their basic senses. People will descend into animals. It is a quite scary notion, but one that can easily be avoided if the right precautions are made.

Whenever a major disaster happens, whether it is a hurricane or a governmental collapse, the first priority is getting to a safe place. A safe place can be a loved ones home somewhere else, or a cave up in the Colorado Rockies. Where you believe you will be safe, just remember that the place where you decide to go you need to make sure you have access to food, water, and other basic supplies. This measure taken ensures that when you have to “bug out” you already know where to go and how to get there.

In order to have appropriate supplies to be Oscar Mike (On the Move) ready. Having the choice to move or the choice to stay is very important. Your supplies should allow you to accommodate either choice. In order to facilitate moving you should prepare a 5 day bug out bag for each member of your group or family. We will discuss how to create bug out bags in a later post.

Once you have bug out bags created you can now just grab the bag and go, either by car, train, plane, bus, or foot. That is the important part, having the ability to grab and go will give you those extra few seconds needed in worst case scenarios. Most people have cars so once you have created your bug out bag(s) you can supplement with extras for survival.

Bug out bags are great for personal survival when all else fails. If you have time however having supplemental bags can make survival a little bit easier. These supplemental bags can have extra food, water, clothes, fuel, ammo, fire starting material, camping stoves. Those little things that can make living just a little bit easier.

The idea is not to horde massive amounts of supplies but to have it to where you can load a vehicle or your back and get out of dodge. This method of protecting yourself and getting to a more friendlier environment can save your life.


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