Bug Out Bag


The Bug Out Bag is one of the central features of learning to survive. Developing a bug out bag is more than just putting needed supplies into a bag and going. It is knowing what to put into the bag and how much. ManyBug-Out-Bag-home of the store bought bug out bags with items are way too expensive and way too useless. Creating a successful bug out bag is more than just having plenty of food, water, and clothes, it involves in investing in time and resources to complement your needs and how long you wish to make your bag last. In order to decide what to add to your bag or not to add depends on you and your environment and, usually missed, where you are going. A bug out bag is a great thing to have for those emergencies where leaving is best.

The best bug out bags are never bought but are created. It creation starts with the bag. A good pack doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Typically a good bag will cost about 45-80 $ and a great bag will cost 100-200$. Now because there are a number of different types of bags a person can buy, I want to narrow down the choices so it makes it easier. The must have of a sturdy pack is the hip strap. A hip strap is vital because it keeps the pressure of the load being carried off of your shoulders and onto your waist. This advantage allows you to move faster, carry more weight, and with more comfort. Once you find a back that has a waist strap you then need to look at the construction of the pack. My preference in construction is MOLLE packs. MOLLE (pronounced Molly) Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is a type of pack that allows for the expansion and modularization of the pack which is great.  Having the ability to expand your pack allows you to pack deeply but also allows you to add or drop gear as it becomes needed or useless. As far as construction material is concerned, I prefer to have either nylon-kevlar or canvas.

Finding a bug out bag is pretty easy. There are plenty of styles and price ranges, so good luck hunting. At the end of the post I will recommend places to go for great packs.

Once you have selected the bag, next the hardest part begins, selecting the gear you will carry. This part is sure to be a topic of shear debate among those who wish to call themselves survivalist. I tend to make a priorities in a 3 step method. (1) Needed (2) Wanted (3) Would like to have.

(1) Items Needed for Survival Food and Water, Extra Clothing, Ammunition, Knife, Firearm, Fire Making Material, Light Source, Compass, Local and State Map

(2) Items I Want to have with me, but can exist without   Wool Blanket, Tent, Extra Firearm, Supplemental Ammunition, IFAK or Individual First Aid Kit, Radio and Communication Equipment

(3) Items that I would like to have but are only a wish not a need Supplemental Food, Advanced Water Purification, Extra Fuel

It seems somewhat rudimentary but collecting supplies for a bug out bag is not easy. There is a ton of supplies that would add to your chances of surviving but in my opinion only the first list is essential, the rest can be taken or left. For more information look into my other posts about the specific items. Of course as always feel free to ask questions.

Till later folks, Prepare to Survive.

Here is the list of websites that I recommend to find supplies: http://www.lapolicegear.com/                  http:// http://www.1starmy.com/          http://www.imsplus.com
http://www.armynavydeals.com                http://www.armynavysales.com/


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