Water Distillation: Pure Drinking Water From Not So Pure Water


Imagine you are stranded on an island and the jungle is extremely dense and you can’t move through it to well. You are surounded by water and you are dying of thirst, literally. You need water. You can’t just drink the ocean water though because you will die. Too much salt in your body and you die, but you need water. What can you do? One possible answer is to distill the sea water. Distilling water is the process of taking water and boiling it causing the steam to rise to the top of the container. From there it moves through a condensing tube and condenses back into water, only it is pure drinking water. It is a great way to take un-pure water and turn it into drinking water.

To start you will need a fire and sealed pot. It needs to be sealed at least mostly sealed because if it is not the steam will leak out of the holes. If you have a container that does have holes, you should seal the holes with clay. Most places on the earth have clay, and if you cannot find clay then sap from trees typically works.


Once you have created the boiling container then you will need to find a condensing coil. A copper pipe spun in circles will do fine, but if the only piece of tubing you can find is short then you can also pass the tubing through cold water (this water doesn’t need to be filtered, just make sure it doesn’t contaminate the clean water). Once the water condenses, it should drip into a container that is clean. This is a great way to disinfect water but also to create clean drinking water from salt water. If you use salt water, then the best thing to do is collect the salt after all the water is boiled out. Salt is a great preservative and is vital if you want to keep meat from spoiling. So this is actually a double bonus. Clean water and salt.

Remember folks, prepare to survive.


2 responses to “Water Distillation: Pure Drinking Water From Not So Pure Water

  1. If you live in a region where water is very contaminated,
    it would be wise to consider another solution
    such as differing filters that you can fit around your home (shower filter, faucet filter or even a whole
    house filtration system which would ensure all of your water is as a good as getting it direct from one of natures springs.
    But now, with the disastrous flooding going on
    in Pakistan, we have seen firsthand that too much water is equally a killer as drought
    and dryness. Especially when used in times of a disaster, such as the flooding
    going on currently in Pakistan, solar water distillation ought to
    be used to give people some access to clean water.

  2. Well you would be right if you have access to drinking water from a tap source, however if you do not then distillation is wonderful method, especially with salt water.
    I would caution on using solar distillation in flood areas though.The problem with flood waters is that is picks up everything; dirt, grim, waste, and any other nasty thing that is on the ground. Therefore if you bottle dark murky water, then solar distillation will fail because the water still has bacteria in it. Solar distillation only works in filtrated clear-ish water. You will still need to filter out all of the hard contaminants such as rocks and dirt in order for solar distillation to work properly. So unfortunately for the people in Pakistan, a solar still by itself would not be the best method. I would recommend building a fire and boiling water, it is the safest and best way for types of water. and of course there are other methods as well, check them out in the Water Purification category.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Prepare-Survive, Todd out.

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