True Survival Situations: Worse than Zombies…


The common idea of the worst case scenario is zombies. A complete zombie outbreak with a collapse of local, state, and federal government, and no one coming to the rescue. Imagine if a zombie outbreak ever really happened. Imagine a complete collapse of government. It is not a pleasing thought, however if you remove the zombies then the idea of a complete disaster without governmental support is not as far fetched as you would believe.

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina began its devastating rage on the gulf coast. The damage to the gulf of Mexico was nothing quite like anything I had 220px-Hurricane_Katrina_August_28_2005_NASApersonally experienced before. Everything was destroyed, and all access points to the worst devastation was blocked and no emergency services could get to the people who needed them, we will discuss that more a little later though. Of course that was a fluke hurricane right.

Wrong, hurricane’s have been destroying the coast of the US for years. The first big one hit in 1900 in Galveston Texas. Like Katrina, it destroyed virtually everything. Of course that was over 100 years ago right.

2012 Hurricane Sandy devastates the north eastern United States. Millions of dollars in property damage, probably billions. Flukes right?

Well hurricanes are only one type of disaster, In 2008 the US stock market crashed. Of course no one knows how bad Europe’s economic troubles are. Of course disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be very localized such as forest fires, or they can be world wide such as World War 2. Being prepared for such events simply requires just mental preparation and only a few physical preparations. Preparing for disasters is not as difficult as most would believe. You do not have to buy thousands of dollars in food and water. You don’t need to have gas masks for everyone in your family or nuclear containment suites. You don’t even need to have a basement full of MREs or Meals Ready to Eat. It simply requires being smart, and knowing how to do things. In later posts I will discuss fully how to be ready for anything, but also remember that I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy MREs or bottled water, enough for 5 days is plenty. If you need more than 5 days you need to get to a new area.

Just remember there is a difference between prepping and hording. And for that folks remember prepare to survive.


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