Winter Shelters: Let it Snow….


What would happen if you needed to build a shelter in the snow? What material could you use? Well luckily if you are in an area where there is a at least one foot of snow the best material you can use for a quick and easy shelter is the snow it self. Snow is mostly air therefore it is a great insulator. Whether you are on a mountain with snow so deep it covers half a tree or whether you are in a valley where there are no trees, using the snow can make your time in the cold a warm experience.


A snow cave is great method of making a shelter in the snow. The basic construction is simple. Dig a hole in the snow deep enough to get into. You will want to carve the inside of the cave with a low place and a high place. The low sump allows the cold air to sink. You will sleep on the higher place because heat rises. This little trick will allow you to stay warm. If it is very windy you will need to block the entrance to the cave to keep the cold air from entering the cave.

One thing you should know is that snow is cold. If possible you should gather brush, more specifically pine needles. Pine needles have an insulting quality that will add just a little extra comfort and heat for your sleep.

If you are around trees you can use the trees to help you build your shelter. Typically you should always use the easiest method to build you shelter with the greatest advantage with the least effort. The same principles apply but the slight difference is that you don’t have to gather pine needles because they are already there.


Snow shelters are a great way to stay warm in cold when you have very little to work with.


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