The Surivival Attitude

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The key of survival is attitude. Whether you have a positive attitude or whether you have a negative attitude it has dramatic effect on your ability to function not only in survival situations but also in life in general. The truth is having a positive attitude can help you have a positive life. Like wise having a negative attitude can give you a negative life. Whether you are a factory worker, an international banker, a soldier in combat, or a college student; your attitude influences the way you react to your environment.

You and your environment are always going to be tied together. Your attitude towards your environment depends on whether you and your environment are positive or negative. No matter how bad a situation becomes, a positive attitude provides hope and gives you that extra push to keep going. Like wise if you have a negative attitude, when things go bad, you stop pushing and quit.

The difference between living and dying can sometimes be the difference in positive attitude and negative attitude. I heard a quote from a Navy SEAL that goes, “A man can only be beaten in two ways, when he gives up or when he dies.” It seems pretty extreme but when it comes to surviving or dying, there is nothing more extreme. Personally when it comes to the right attitude the best phrase I can think of is, do it or die trying.

For more information about how an attitude can change a person’s situation I have a few recommended sources of both worst case scenario situation and general life. Check out the Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine or Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. Both are Navy SEALs so when it comes to survival these guys know the best.

So the big question is when everything goes bad, are you going to walk out or be carried out…


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