Simple Shelters

Shelter can be one of the most important aspects of survival situations. A shelter can not only be a great boost in morale but can also save your life. If you are only going to be in a survival situation for a short time a fast shelter can keep you alive when things go wrong. Shelter should shield you from the elements, and critters. Depending on where you are depends on how you should prepare your shelter. For this particular post will we only cover the most simple of sheltelean-to-shelter-3rs. In later post we will discuss in more detail shelters in particular situations and climates.

To begin let us discuss the most simple shelter structure, the Lean To Shelter. The lean to shelter can be built very easily in just about any environment. The basic construction is think branches across two trees with branches crossing the two main beams. Then placing leaves or moss to cover and insult the shelter. It can be made without lashings, or using cordage to tie the poles together. If you are in a windy area I do recommend lashing the structure.

This shelter can be built quickly allowing you to focus on other tasks. Once built simple additions, like a front wind break, a lashed bedding, or side wind break, to this shelter can make it a great little home.


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