Hunting Large Game: To Bear or Not To Bear


To be completely honest hunting large game in a survival situation is never a good idea. A good rule of thumb that most survivalist follow, and to be honest most people should follow, never hunt anything that can hunt you. Large game is both a great risk but offers great reward. If you have been in a survival situation for an extended period of time you are going to have to bag a large animal just for the sake of food. Large game offers fat to your diet which in fact can save your life.

Now before I go any further I need to point out that hunting large game does pose a threat to your life. Not only because the animal it self is dangerous but because the necessary preparations are also dangerous. If you are not using a firearm or a bow and arrow, you are going to have to catch the beast in close range. Again I want to say this will pose a danger to your life, so take the necessary precautions to safe guard your life.

First decide what large game you are going to hunt. Typically the game that you should hunt is going to be deer, elk, moose, or some other animal similar to those. However if for some reason you choose to go after a larger more powerful beast lets say a Grizzly Bear, you should know that your best friend is range.

Now in order to take down large game you are going to need to set up a trap. Unlike small game snares, where the worst damage you will have is cut and bruised knuckles, large game traps can have upwards of hundreds even a thousand pounds of pressure on them, meaning if you do not set up the trap correctly, you risk getting seriously injured even killed.

To start you need to recon an area to lure the game into the trap. Whatever trap you decide to use, the key is to prepare the surrounding of the area of the trap.Typically you would want to place the snare on a game trail or bedding area. This helps to ensure that you will grab a nice dinner. Remember that looking for the basic needs of life are the same for animals. Look for water, food, and shelter. Once an area has these three things animals should be there as well. It just takes patience.

I will show you a few traps to build, they do require time and effort, but the pay off can be quite good. The basic force behind most of large game traps is gravity. Either dropping a trap, having a pit for the game to fall into, even a pendulum trap; they all work off of gravity. Another type of trap is the lever trap. Most of these traps work very well and even better are powerful enough to stop a Grizzly Bear. A huge advantage when you don’t have a gun or a great deal of ammo.


The first trap is a pit fall trap. This type of trap is well known from the  Vietnam War. It is most commonly known as the punji trap. Basically you dog a hole to a certain depth and then place spikes in the bottom of the hole. Then you cover the hole and make it seem natural. When the animal steps onto the hole, they fall, and you have dinner. This is great for catching deer, wild bore, and medium sized bear.

Another type of large game trap is the spring trap. It is built by using green wood and its ability to spring back to throw a piked end to impale and kill the animal. This method is very good for taking down large game such as Moose or Grizzly Bear. It is slightly difficult to build and dangerous to build. So builder beware. malayan_gate_1

There are several different ways to create these types of traps. In the future I will post more on this topic however these will give you a rough idea of the ingenuity of man to survive. It is always possible to create a new idea to get more food.


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