Can I eat that Berry?

Berries are one of the most abundant food sources on the planet. However knowing which one to eat and which one not to eat can be a real adventure. Most berries will not kill you, but the wrong berry can cause you to have a rough day. There are some general rules to eating berries that will in fact help to safe guard you from getting sick. For our purposes we will break down berry into percentages.

Aggregated Berries can be eaten 100% of the time. These berries grow in clusters, and the most common of these berries that you can eat or recognize are raspberries and black berries.

Group of blackberries isolated on white background.raspberries

The next largest group is berries that are colored either black, and blue. These berries are edible 80-95% of the time. Perceptively if the berry is blue or black you can eat it. Examples of course are black berries and blue berries.

blueberries-300x293Group of blackberries isolated on white background.

The second group is red berries. This group can only be eaten 50% of the time. Examples of red berries are Strawberries, Raspberries, and Cranberries.



The final group is the least edible, white and green berries. Only 5% of these can be eaten. I personally prefer to just leave these be. An example of an edible green or white berry are white grapes.


The best way to know if berries are good to eat or not is to look around for animal scat. If you find certain berries in the animal scat chances are those particular berries are good to eat. If you find scat though the good news is that you might be able to catch the animal eating those berries.


2 responses to “Can I eat that Berry?

  1. That’s some good advice. Is there a way to test if a berry is ok to eat if you can’t find it in animal scat and you can’t identify it?

  2. There are several things you can do to test if you can eat a plant or not. You can read about it on my blog Edible Plants. But in a nutshell if you are not sure the best method is to not eat the berry.

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