Water is the most important ingredient to life. Without it you die, plain and simple. Luckily though we live on a planet where most of the surface is in fact water. So finding it shouldn’t be problem, unless you are in a desert but we will talk about that soon. Finding water is not hard, finding water that you can drink is. You could be dying of thirst but sometimes drinking that life needed water will kill you too.

The trick is purify your water. Purifying water to drink is actually not hard at all. There are so many ways to do it in fact that we are going to dedicate a full section to water and how to purify it and better yet, where to find it. These are skills that truly need to be mastered especially if you intend to be a high adventurer or really just be ready for uncertain circumstances.

To Start off lets discuss why water cannot be consumed strait from the lake, stream, or whatever source you have found, it is called water borne pathogens. Tiny little critters that pack a big punch. These tiny little guys will hit you hard. If you thought you were dying of thirst before, get one of these little guys in you and you will actually lose more water because of everything coming out of you.

These pathogens get into the water through dead and decaying material. Which includes feces from animals. That’s right animal poop water. It happens and it needs to dealt with before you consume water. It is vastly important to living healthy.

So how do we purify water, it is actually easy. The most common way to purify water is to boil water. After you boil water for 10 minutes, most if not all of the pathogens in the water are dead. It is safe to drink. It is pretty simple, heat+pot of water=boiling water. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100 degrees Celsius for our non-American friends).

This is the best way if you are camping and you are making potable water for yourself and a few others. It is not the most effective for large groups such as New York City. However we will cover all forms of water purification, but as an introduction to it remember just to boil water for 10 mins. and you will have nice safe clean water to drink,

Oh did I mention that you should let the water cool before you drink it? Remember boiling water is hot so let it cool before you drink it.


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